Strategic advice

We draw up communication strategies in line with the marketing plans and objectives of our clients, while always taking into account media requirements.

Media relations

Origami PR has always made media relations its core business.

Thanks to relationships of confidence built up over the years with all players within the media landscape, we can generate long-term collaboration agreements for our clients, with a maximum of different media.

Content is the key to effective communication and this is why we pay particular attention to it in our press releases, press kits, press conferences, interviews, demonstrations...

Public relations

Origami PR provides a range of communication tools and techniques in order to get companies’ messages across to all of the target groups – both external and internal.

Conferences, events, seminars, round tables… for opinion leaders, shareholders, clients, members of staff...

Crisis communication

Thanks its expertise and its good upstream preparation, Origami PR ensures effective, proactive and well thought-out crisis management for all circumstances.

Communication which will help those companies involved to preserve their reputation and the confidence of their markets.

Promotional activities

Origami PR also proposes to its clients partnerships with various media: competitions, merchandise exchange, barter deals … all of these enable a positive image to be transmitted, along with a maximum of visibility, at managed cost.

Monitoring & analysis

Origami PR sets up a made-to-measure monitoring service for its clients, involving the entire media and social network landscape, in line with the communication objectives and with selected tools, which enables:

  • upstream, to identify trends and interesting dossiers for each company,
  • downstream, to evaluate the impact of the communication actions, from both quantity and quality points of view.